Welcome to the Marlén a.k.a. Malicious website.

The website is under construction right now, it’s not totally finished yet, but you can still click around and take a look and order the album.

Drop by the forum and sign up and let us know what you think of the website so far and dorp a comment to Marlén about her music.

Also check out the other pages that are linked here. You can download mp3′s on digstation or order the physical album here. Check out the myspace and become a friend there and on facebook, also follow on tweeter. Marlén will be very happy for your presence.

THE ALBUM  “Can U Handle This?!!!” is DONE and ready for shipping, so ORDER NOW!!! :D

The official release date has yet to be, so YOU will know about the album before everyone else!!! 

Updates on when the official release will be, when the radio release will happen, and when and where the release party will take place, you will be able to find here on this page, so stay tuned, check back soon.

There are a lot of exiting things going on right now and to come, and we all know for sure that Marlén a.k.a. Malicious will be forced to be reckoned with in the music industry and get a spot on the map!

Enjoy :)

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