Toeing the line between good and evil, Marlén a.k.a. Malicious is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of hip-hop. She’s the Queen with the juicy red apple; drawing you in with her irresistible charm and whimsical lyrics, then smacking you with a heavy dose of reality and pain that reaches deep in your gut.

Growing up in Oslo, Norway, Marlén learned at a young age her mouth was her most powerful weapon, which culminated in a troublesome childhood. Not wanting to be banished from school, Marlén put on an affable front while learning how to channel her anger by dancing and writing poetry but her infamous mouth couldn’t be kept in captivity. With the voices in her head screaming to be heard she needed an outlet for expression and Malicious was born.

Rapping as both Marlén and Malicious is a fresh approach to hip-hop, allowing two sides to every story she wants to tell. Marlén represents what society wants to hear. She’s non-confrontational and is the girl you want to take home to mother. Malicious is the raw truth and isn’t afraid of anything. Malicious isn’t fighting over the world though, she’s fighting with herself; the devil on the opposite shoulder of Marlén’s angel.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Marlén has already put together an impressive resume by playing at many famous venues including The House of Blues and The Key Club. Live shows give her fans the ultimate Marlén/Malicious experience and they can see her in her truest form; a performer. She won best female rapper at the national underground competition called Best of the Best with finals at Vanguard in LA. Her independent debut album titled “Can U Handle This?!” landed her a lead to 11 episodes on a radio reality series on Norway’s biggest radio station P3. She’s now ready with new songs and is dropping a new single “Come Hard”, along with a video to go with it! The song is a crazy twist of Marlén and Malicious, where Malicious seems to have taking charge, bringing forth her edgy world in a new way that we’ve never seen her before! With the lyric line; You Make Me Come So Hard – get excited and let this split personality girl take you for a fun ride!